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Have you been hurt on the job?  While your employer may pay lip service to your right to compensation, in many cases employers and their workers’ compensation insurance companies make it extremely difficult to get the benefits you need and deserve. You may be feeling very lost and alone at this point. You may even be tempted to give up on your claim.

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How can a physically and financially injured worker take on a powerful insurance company? If your valid workers’ compensation claim was delayed or denied, if your payments were cancelled without a valid reason, or your payments were unfairly stalled while you fought for your benefits and won, you may be the victim of workers’ compensation insurance bad faith. At Irons Law Firm, our Tulsa workers compenastion attorney has achieved impressive results for clients who were injured in the workplace and suffered damages because their workers’ compensation benefits were wrongfully denied. Delaying or denying a valid workers’ compensation claim is an example of insurance bad faith—a failure on the part of the workers’ compensation insurance company to pay covered benefits.
If your claim has been determined valid by the state workers’ compensation process and the insurance company has refused or failed to pay it, or if the delay in payment has caused additional harm, our attorneys will file an insurance bad faith lawsuit. We don’t just insist that the insurance company pay the benefits it was supposed to all along, we recover financial compensation for the damages caused by the delay.
Delayed or denied workers’ compensation claims can be devastating to injured workers. Workers can lose their homes, cars, health, life savings, and retirement funds. Clients often come to us in frustration, too injured to work and unable to get the benefits the state has found them legally entitled to receive. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Our Tulsa workers compensation attorney at Irons Law Firm has assisted hundreds of people injured on the job with their workers’ compensation claim.  We work to protect the rights of working people who were hurt on the job, as well as the families of those who lost their lives in workplace accidents.

Our Tulsa workers’ compensation law firm provides extensive experience from attorneys who have handled workplace injury claims throughout Oklahoma.  We have a successfully record of secured benefits for injured workers at workers’ compensation hearings.

Workers’ Compensation FAQ

What is Workers' Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that is purchased by the employer to provide protection for their employees. This protection is for employees that are injured on the job. This includes compensation for disability, and medical and rehabilitation benefits.  It also includes benefits to the employee’s dependents in the event of an accidental death.

Under workers’ compensation, both workers and employers are protected. This allows the covered employee to receive benefits for a compensation injury. This also protects the employer from liability lawsuits outside the workers’ compensation system.  

How Much will I Receive from Workers' Compensation?

Once you have been off work for a total of 7 days you are eligible to receive pay. You will receive 70% of your average weekly wage up to a maximum amount that is determined by the date you are injured. The present maximum amount is $735.00 per week. This benefit is called Temporary Disability.

Can I Work and Still Receive Workers' Compensation?

No, you cannot get workers’ compensation and work. The same is true about receiving unemployment benefits.

Can I Agree to a Settlement?

Workers’ compensation allows you have a right to receive money for any permanent disability that you are left with as a result of the injury. This is referred to as a permanent partial disability.  The amount of compensation for this is dependent on the body part that was injured and the amount of determined disability.

Am I Covered by Workers' Compensation?

Typically, all employees hired in Oklahoma or who is injured in Oklahoma. These employees are covered by the Oklahoma workers compensation laws. This excludes independent contractor employees.

All of these groups of people are exempt from the workers’ compensation laws of the state by law :

  • Persons covered for job-related injuries under federal law
  • Certain Agricultural Workers
  • Licensed Real Estate Brokers that are paid on commission
  • Persons providing services administered by Oklahoma Department of Human Services
  • Employee employed by a business with 5 or fewer employees, all of whom are related by blood or marriage to the employer
  • Those employed by a tax-exempt youth sports league
  • Sole proprietors, members of a partnership, certain persons who are a party to a franchise agreement, certain members of a limited liability company and certain stockholders of a corporation
  • Anyone  that provides voluntary service who receives no wages for the services other than meals, drug or alcohol rehabilitation therapy, transportation, lodging or reimbursement for incidental expenses
  • owner-operators of a truck-tractor
  • drive-away owner operators.
When Should I Report and On Job Accident?

Reporting a job related injury is time sensitive.  You should report any job-related injury as soon as possible to your employer.  If you fail to report an injury to your employer in a timely manner you are risking a possible loss of benefits.

  • A report of a single event injury to the employer must occur within 30 day or medical treatment must be obtained with a 30 day period. 
  • If this is an occupational disease or an injury caused by repeated trauma, an employee must give notice the employer within 90 days of separation from employment. 
Injury That Occurred Over Time?

With the absence of a single event injury, you would be covered under what is referred to as a “cumulative trauma” injury.  This means that the repetitive nature of your work over the years has caused the injury.

You have all the same benefits available as a person injured in a single incident.

  • You must report this injury as the last date you were exposed to the condition (i.e., the last date you were working) or within 90 days after you separate from employment with the employer
  • After 90 days there are burdens of proof that you must overcome, but you still have 2 years to formally file on this kind of claim too.
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